Sunday, June 26, 2011

LADIES...Why Settle For a Bachelor's Degree When You Can Get a Bachelorette's Degree!

For all you overachiever Ignorantics of the female persuasion, there is another alternative to receiving a good old fashion bachelor of science and/or arts degree from sources tell me that ignorantics are now pursuing BACHELORETTE'S DEGREES!!

Last week, one of my colleagues emailed me and informed me that a student called her to ask about our “bachelorettes” degrees in Child Studies. If I were going to be logical, I guess I would assume that this student thought the bachelor degrees were reserved for men and the NEW bachelorette's degree would be for the women. Maybe the degree comes with liquor, stupid games, and strippers too!

I'm not sure logic can help this Ignorantic...this is truly a "shaking my head" moment.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Special Ignorantic Greeting: Happy Farvah's Day!

Ignorantics all over the world are celebrating and shouting "Happy Farvah's Day"! Hey Farvahs pleaz hug you chyll!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Is There a Legal Statue That Protects Ignorantic Speech?

Here in the good old USA we have this document called the Constitution which protects free speech. What is free speech? It is a fundamental right to say what you want unless its obscene, profane, libel/slander, fighting words, or it creates a clear and present anger. These rights are contained in the Bill of Rights (First Amendment) and the U.S. Supreme Court is often called upon to interpret this fundamental right.

Now, let us turn to Ignorantics. Is ignorantics free speech? Is it obscene? Is it profane? Well, it depends on the author BUT is there a legal "statue" that protects ignorantics? Let me say it again, is there a legal "statue" that protects ignorantics? Well, I dare say that there is a "statue" that protects them but perhaps there is a "statute" that may protect them better.

Are you following me? Well, I just dropped a paragraph of ignorantic bombs in succession. The torpedo was the "statue". Now, a statue is a work of art; something that should be admired, appreciated, looked upon with great fondness. However, when used improperly, the statue is no longer beautiful; it is ignorant.

Monday, June 13, 2011

When Porn Meets Dentistry...Well, In a Matter of "Speaking"...

My favorite saying since I started this Blog is "You can't make this stuff up"...well, today's post is no different. My readers not only read about ignorantics they are scouts for ignorantics.

That being is an ignorantic shared with me by one of my readers. Recently, a woman was on TV talking about her recent visit to the dentist when she said "I just got my teeth x-rated at the dentist office".

Folks, this one is GRADE A ignorantic because absent a pole and "buck neck-ed" women or men, "x-rated" has no place in a dentist office!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Have You Ever Been "Buck Neck-ed"?

Seriously, how many times since you were born have you heard this said? I think this ranks up there with "pacific", "liberry",  and some of the other ignorantics commonly needs no further commentary; it is the height of ignorant!