Sunday, April 29, 2012

I Don't Want Anyone Stealing My Limeline!

At an employee appreciation event, this next Ignorantic noticed that just before she received her award, her co-worker was in her bosses' ear telling him about all her long hours and new ideas for expansion.

Now, why did she do that? It was now going to be the beginning of a very long Ignorantic rant about jealousy. Yes, that ugly word, jealousy....and what happens when Ignorantics get upset? They drop Ignorantic bombs in Pearl Harbor fashion! Hence, the next comment: "Don't you hate it when someone tries to steal your "limeline"?

Really? Well, maybe if I was ordering a Gin and Tonic I would hate it if they were stealing my "limeline" but not at an employee appreciation event! Don't bother trying to rationalize this one because there is NO synergy here...NONE.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Lack of Justice Can Be So Flusgrating!

The world that we live in has given us all cause to become social activists. One of the things that recently brought together most of the United States was the killing of the young man pictured to the left, Trayvon Martin.

For weeks, the man who killed him, George Zimmerman, went uncharged and free from arrest. For those Ignorantics who perceived this lack of justice as a form of profiling and racial discrimination, the fact that George Zimmerman had gone free without arrest for so many weeks was more than they could process. They became angry, flabergasted and for many, they became "flusgrated".

That's a news conference, that word "flusgrated" was uttered along with "ignant" and a host of other ignorantic bombs that were being dropped in rapid succession. No one bothered to comment nor correct the speaker. It wasn't necessary nor would it have been appropriate. This was one of those moments when the speaker was given a universal Ignorantic pass. These gold passes are issued on occasion to Ignorantics who speak with great fervor under stress. We have to forgive. The recipients of this gold pass are allowed to speak publicly and privately despite their grammatical assaults with impunity. Issuing this pass promotes empathy for their "flusgration", and it rewards them for their sense of social justice. I received several emails asking me to put this speaker on BLAST for his detonating Ignorantics, but I just could not do it. It would have be terribly unfair.

As of the writing of this post, George Zimmerman has been arrested and was recently released on $150,000 bail. I guess this will only add to the public's growing "flusgration". Carry on...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

This Ignorantic Has No Time for Bronchitis!

God Bless her though...thank God she survived the fire and no one was hurt...

Sexcess Can Be Scary for an Ignorantic!

When you are climbing that ladder to success, it can be very scary, that some of us, can't quite find the word(s) to describe the experience.

Enter the Ignorantic who is climbing that ladder...except, this Ignorantic describes the experience as "climbing the ladder to sexcess"!

Now I know that good sex can take you to higher places, but...well, carry on...

When Ignorantics Meets Fine Dining...

One thing we all must remember is that Ignorantics could be anywhere...they can be found in fine dining spots; exclusive restaurants....

A few days ago, I got a text message from two of my readers, a married couple enjoying a nice evening out at an exclusive restaurant. No jeans, no athletic wear...suit, get my point, right? Well, as they were chatting it up and enjoying their wine, they overheard a conversation a few tables over...the speaker referred to someone as "scholegic".

Really? Scholegic? I guess the person they were referring to was both collegiate and scholastic. Heck, why say the correct word when you can just make one up, right? Perhaps when the lights are lowered for ambiance, Ignorantics think folks can't hear them. Just a thought...Carry on...

Ignorantics Should Not Be Allowed to Make Signs

A picture is worth a thousand misspelled words in the Ignorantics' world....

BTW, if you have to spend some time figuring out this sign, YOU ARE AN IGNORANTIC!!!!

Second Degree Murder Can Be Confusing...Right??

Nothing else need be said...I had to redact the Twitter name to protect the ignorant...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm so Humidified by This Experience!

This is Ruby from the "Ruby" Show on the Style Network. She lost weight during the taping of this show. In this clip, she is shopping with a friend for a bathing suit for a hot tub date. Well, the rest of the conversation goes from hot to humidified!!!

She drops the ignorantic around 1:30 on the clip. Poor Ruby, she is so humiliated and mortified by this experience, she makes up a word to describe the ordeal. Carry on...