Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tax Refund Sales!!!!

Somebody Call a Blacksmith! I'm Locked Out of My Office!

When Staff Appreciation Day rolls around, if you are an Ignorantic, you better treat your support staff with LOVE because I just got a call from someone who is turning in a member of her staff for asking her to "call a blacksmith because her locks weren't working properly".

By the way, the blacksmith is pictured to the left, but an ordinary locksmith would probably suffice in this situation.

What is Clementine Weather?

Ok, so on the left is a picture of clementines. Our next Ignorantic didn't know that clementines are fruit.

In this YouTube video, you will see testimony from the caterer regarding a dispute with a customer. The caterer testifies that in his contract he provides that "during clementine weather...we cannot..." He also uttered those words in Court leaving the judge totally stunned because the contract uses the word "clementine". Watch it here: During Clementine Weather

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. Does Not Belong on a Party Flyer

I blogged about the Martin Loofa Exfoliating Gloves (See: Martin Loofa Gloves ), and now I want to address something that is equally as disturbing: Martin Luther King Jr.'s name and likeness on party flyers. Check out these flyers:

No School? No ID? Using the man who fought for education and the right to vote? and with Dr. Dre's Beats headphones on? Really folks? What's next? Coretta Scott King and Rosa Parks in lace front wigs sprawled over a 70's Buick sitting on 24s to promote your next "Ladies Get in Free Before 12" event? [I know...don't give them any ideas...I'm just saying]

Martin Luther King Jr. is a national icon in the history of progressivism. He was awarded the noble peace prize for combating racial inequality through non-violence, and he is best known as a prominent leader in the civil rights movement for African Americans...better still, there is a monument in Washington, D.C. dedicated to him. We celebrate his accomplishments every year via a federal holiday, President Obama is going to be sworn in at his second Inauguration using Dr. King's Bible, and this is how WE choose to depict Dr. King?

Martin Luther King Jr. belongs in the schools, in our churches, memorialized in our history, but not in the club! This goes beyond "we have to do better"...your thoughts? Let's talk.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

FINALLY...The Top 25 Ignorantics of 2012

In the beginning or should I say at the end of the year, there are parts 1 and 2, but finally, we have the TOP 25 Ignorantics of 2012. Here they are:

1. Porsha Stewart's (RHOA) "fraudulent slip"
Link: Fraudulent Slip

2. Having a "iPond" on the Christmas Wish List
Link: iPond

3. "Whippy Gold Bird" on the View
Link: Whippy

4. That Romney Sale
Link: 47%
5. Meet the Kahns
Link: The Kahns

6. Happy 1th Birthday:
Link: Happy Birthday

7. The Word "kilt"
Link: Kilt

8. The Word "seent"
Link: Seent

9. Martin Loofah King Exfoliating Glove
Link: MLK

10. Plan Coming into Tuition
Link: Tuition

11. Legend Diary
Link: Legend Diary

12. Taking Someone for Granite
Link: Granite

13. Niagara Pills
Link: Niagara

14. Blueberry Phones
Link: Blueberry Phones

15. Shrek Throat
Link: Shrek Throat

16. Illegally Parked...You Will Be Toad
Link: Toad

17. Corporal Tunnel
Link: The Tunnels

18. Dogs Running Rapid
Link: Dogs Running

19. Vera Wings
Link: Vera Wang

20. Humidified
Link: Humidified

21. Love the Mines
Link: The Mines

22. I'm in a Bad Move
Link: Bad Move

23. Don't Give Me An Alter Matem [This one came in from a reader days before the deadline and I did not have time to blog about it but it was so ignorant, I had to include it on the list]

24. Adjourning Rooms
Link: Hotel Rooms

25. Steal My Limeline
Link: The Limeline

A big "THANK YOU" to all my readers and all those who sent in texts, emails, Facebook posts, tweets, letters, etc. Ignorantics is growing and I hope that you all stay with us for many years to come!  Happy New Year!

Nursery Rhyme Gospel Remix

Lately, readers have been sending me tweets, emails, FB posts, and videos of Ignorantics as it relates to religion. One's religion can be a very delicate subject, but when folks begin to get "creative"  with their worship...that is when they might become a topic on Ignorantics.  Hence, the videos posted above. #GodKnowsHerHeart

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Where did this come from? And the folks that drag it out...eeggggg-zackly! Folks, this egg is cooked. Crack it open and start saying the word like it is spelled "ex-act-ly. Carry on...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pareantal Disgression Adviced?

[Another Reader Submission] Obviously, the author of this Facebook post meant to post "Parental Discretion Advised". Another typo?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's New Year's Day...I Think I'll Have a Mimosha!

Note to Ignorantics on Instagram, if you want to drink it, please learn how to say it, or just take a picture of it and post it in silence...PLEASE.

Here is My New Years Revolution!

It's the first day of the new year and some folks can't help themselves. Between the drunk texts and the Happy New Year "shots" to the air, there are tons of Ignorantics being spread all over the world. One of my readers sent me a text stating that her girlfriend just told her that her New Year's Revolution was to go back to school. *blank stare*

Notice that I said "told". This is not an auto correct issue.