Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Ignorantic Debate: Crossing Guard vs. Deer Crossing

Have you ever seen a Deer Crossing Sign? A deer crossing sign is placed near the road to alert drivers, not deer, that there are deer in the area. Essentially, it is an alert to proceed with caution in the event deer cross the road. Well, if you listen to the Ignorantic in this video, you will have another interpretation of the deer crossing sign.

The Jewish Community Calls Michele Bachmann out for her Ignorantics

Choot-spa Video . The comment on a similar video for this ignorantic pronunciation is priceless[posted by davril42]:

Yes, folks, the woman who has been alive and presumably conscious in this country for the last 51 years just epically blew the pronunciation of the single most well-known Yiddish word in history. A word, ironically, that perfectly describes the bombastic zealot who tried to pronounce it.
I think that pretty much sums it up on this one.

Was Watching Jansing & Co. This Morning When...

Chris Jansing, MSNBC host of Jansing & Co. reports that someone decided that it would be a great idea to name their baby "Hashtag".

Well, I googled it and here is what I found: Hashtag Jameson Story . I hope this is an internet hoax...I really do.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Can't Believe All These People Compiled in My Car!

Nobody likes a crowded car. Most cars seat 4-5 people comfortably, right?

This bring us to our next Ignorantic. Several well-meaning friends wanted to comfort their friend as she made the decision to put her dog to sleep. They decided they would all ride with her to the vet. So, as they "piled into her car" to ride with her, she exclaimed "all these people compiled in my car is crazy!"

Wow! Really...they were compiled in your car? I guess it was an assemble of people from different addresses and...Wait, one cannot compile people in their car! Perhaps the lack of space, promoted this spontaneous spurt of ignorantics!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Falling By The Waist Side vs. Falling By the Wayside

How many of you have been saying "fall by the waist side?" How long have you been saying this? 

The true idiom is to "fall by the wayside" which means they fail to finish an activity or stop doing it, making it, or using it.

I guess this is one of those idioms that has truly fallen by the wayside!

It's Black Friday! Did You Get Your New iPond?

I didn't think it was possible to mess up the word iPod, but nothing is sacred to Ignorantics. While you all are out shopping for your new iPod, one Ignorantic is looking for a new iPond. She'll be looking for awhile I suspect...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Watching the Local News Can Be Hazardous to Your Health!

Baltimore Ignorantics can take you out if you're not careful. This local news story is really sad on many levels, but what makes the situation worse is the mother's speech. Wait for the mother's pronunciation of the word "child" at the end. This is not to outdo all the ignorantic drones she sent in before that one. Link: Watch Local News Video

Oh LAWD, Thanksgiving is the Vessel For Ignorantics!

Folks, never mix good food with cheer because the Ignorantics are bound to come out!!!!!

One of my readers just texted me and stated that her grandmother just proclaimed "this is so much food, I'm gonna have to drink me some Castrol Oil before I start eating!" *Hollering* Really Grandma??!!! Gurl, your engine is gonna be running real good after you down one of those quarts of Castrol Oil!!!!

...and yes, she said "Castrol" because her granddaughter made her repeat it for Ignorantic clarity, and she said  slowly but emphatically...CAS-STROLL!!!!!

Evidentually, You Don't Know I Can Cook!

It's 10 am EST and already the Ignorantic Thanksgiving Day stories are pouring in. This one is special because it comes from one of my readers putting her husband of 20 years on blast...and when he said it again this morning, she had to send me a message...[holidays are no longer sacred]

Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Ignorantic...evidentually, you can cook! Don't hurt 'em with your food, because you are slaying them with your words!!!!

Side note: Don't forget to bless the food before you eat; especially if an Ignorantic cooked it!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

HELP!!! My Child Needs a Good Tudor!

I am looking for a tutor for my son. Should I give this "tudor" a call? 

I don't know though...she may be too rich for my taste; royalty can be that way sometimes.

The Tudor dynasty or House of Tudor was a European royal house of Welsh origin[1] descended from Prince Rhys ap Tewdwr that ruled the Kingdom of England and its realms, including the Lordship of Ireland, later the Kingdom of Ireland, from 1485 until 1603. Its first monarch was Henry VII, a descendant through his mother of a legitimised branch of the English royal House of Lancaster. The Tudor family rose to power in the wake of the Wars of the Roses, which left the House of Lancaster, to which the Tudors were aligned. Link: Wikipedia on the Tudor Dynasty

Finally...My Plan is Coming Intuition!!!!!

Everyone loves it when a good plan comes to fruition, but when you are dealing with Ignorantics, sometimes that plan takes a turn for the worse. The intuitive nature of Ignorantics can and will be an impediment to any plan. In this example, during the taping of the Steve Harvey Radio Show, our Ignorantic was excited that her Thanksgiving basket community project was a great success by when the words came out of her mouth, she turned her joy into Ignorantics!!

"I am so happy my plan is coming intuition!"


Thursday, November 15, 2012

The U.S. Signed a Declarayshun of Dependence

This chick has Ignorantics on LOCK..and wait, she claims she has a Juris Doctorate. What law school is responsible for that? Inquiring minds HAVE TO KNOW!!!!!

The ATL_Princess Strikes AGAIN...This Time She Visits the iFold Tower

Twice in one week I have featured this young ladies' tweets. I remain speechless...

An Early Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanzaa Present to my Readers

Here is a QUICK and DIRTY website for all you Ignorantics in denial. I have already admitted that I am a reformed Ignorantic, but some folks would rather admit they are heroin addicts than admit they are Ignorantics. Consider this an early Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa gift. Bookmark this link...keep it as a tab...I hope you find it useful. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Singing for Fried Chicken?

If you can, watch the entire video. Once again, I'm speechless.

Whippy Gold Bird is one of my favorite comediennes!

Whoopi Goldberg???!!

Someone Help This Poor Child!

I'm speechless...

Jackson vs. Jacksun....

The Jacksun Story

Another "SMH" Moment...

Is this what they call asking a question with a question or is this just ignorant?

Fresh off the Re-election of President Obama...

Folks want to secede from the United States, but can't spell it...

We're Having a ROMNEY Sale!

All Romney masks are 47% OFF! Those other masks better not be masks of Obama...I'm just saying...