Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Jewish Community Calls Michele Bachmann out for her Ignorantics

Choot-spa Video . The comment on a similar video for this ignorantic pronunciation is priceless[posted by davril42]:

Yes, folks, the woman who has been alive and presumably conscious in this country for the last 51 years just epically blew the pronunciation of the single most well-known Yiddish word in history. A word, ironically, that perfectly describes the bombastic zealot who tried to pronounce it.
I think that pretty much sums it up on this one.


  1. One time, I was in Savannah and checked out a restaurant called Chutzpa. It wasn't kosher, and I thought that it was chutzpa to name a non-kosher restaurant with that name. Then, the lady who worked there tried to pronounce it, and she messed up badly, too. (She turned her head so as not to spit on me.)

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  3. Turned her head so as not to spit on you? Too funny!