Sunday, March 30, 2014

I Really Want This to Be A Fake Account...People Can't Be This Ignorant, Can They?

I'm mad.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Lowie Vutton BAGS!

Who needs a Louis Vuitton bag when you can have one of these Lowie Vutton trash bags? I wonder if this bag will withstand the most weight before ripping? Classy Uneeka...real classy!!!

Licking My Lips: Steak w/ Saltate Onions!!!!

Will someone leave a comment on how I can get my onions saltated like the onions on this Instagram?

My Name is Miss Ignorantics...and I DON'T DO DRUMMER!!!

Well, if you don't do drummer, then what instrument do you do?

I'm So Glad to Be in the Presents of So Many People!!!

...and 43 of those mothers, wives and business owners didn't have a problem being in your presents either! WOW!

Check Out This NEW Cereal!!!

I wish I knew who wrote and posted this ignorance.