Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WOW!!! Dr. Dre is Legend Dairy!

Did you know that Dr. Dre is Legend Dairy?: http://yfrog.com/nzkoiicj

...and Twitter is supposed to be under 140 characters, right? Why spell something wrong and add more characters?

Carry on...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ignorantics on Twitter...Get Your Tylenol READY!!!

I've been saying for months that Twitter is a place were Ignorantics breed. They tweet, retweet and post Ignorantics with little to no impunity and it is down right sinful. One of my readers turned me on to this Video Blogger who made a list of Ignorant Tweets for 2011.

WARNING: Before you watch this video, please remove all food or liquid from your mouth! This video sent me straight to the medicine cabinet searching for Tylenol. BTW, one of the comments after the video is that the people featured in these videos have all deleted their Twitter accounts! LOL...this Video Blogger has shamed these Ignorantics into ignorantic hibernation! I say that's progress!

Here it is:

Part One:

Part Two...

Folks..this is MAJOR ignorant!!!! I warned you!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bootsy Collins Was Sweating "Perfuciously"

Now, I never wanted to mess with one of the "funkateers" on Ignorantics, BUT some things cannot go unmentioned.

I was just watching a Bootsy Collins' interview and he said that he was sweating "perfuciously". Really??

Let's take this journey together, shall we? Was this a root word association with "performing"...perhaps "perfume"...or "perfunctory"? Well, no not perfunctory...that's not commonly used in the music world (what was I thinking, it's not even commonly used in the real world)....Naw, this is just plain IGNORANT!

Musicians work hard, and they all have been known to sweat "profusely" during a performance, but "perfuciously"?. I don't know about y'all but the next time I see a musician working it out on stage, I am going to say to myself  "Now there's a musician who is jammin in all his perfuciousness"!!!!

Carry on...