Sunday, January 13, 2013

FINALLY...The Top 25 Ignorantics of 2012

In the beginning or should I say at the end of the year, there are parts 1 and 2, but finally, we have the TOP 25 Ignorantics of 2012. Here they are:

1. Porsha Stewart's (RHOA) "fraudulent slip"
Link: Fraudulent Slip

2. Having a "iPond" on the Christmas Wish List
Link: iPond

3. "Whippy Gold Bird" on the View
Link: Whippy

4. That Romney Sale
Link: 47%
5. Meet the Kahns
Link: The Kahns

6. Happy 1th Birthday:
Link: Happy Birthday

7. The Word "kilt"
Link: Kilt

8. The Word "seent"
Link: Seent

9. Martin Loofah King Exfoliating Glove
Link: MLK

10. Plan Coming into Tuition
Link: Tuition

11. Legend Diary
Link: Legend Diary

12. Taking Someone for Granite
Link: Granite

13. Niagara Pills
Link: Niagara

14. Blueberry Phones
Link: Blueberry Phones

15. Shrek Throat
Link: Shrek Throat

16. Illegally Parked...You Will Be Toad
Link: Toad

17. Corporal Tunnel
Link: The Tunnels

18. Dogs Running Rapid
Link: Dogs Running

19. Vera Wings
Link: Vera Wang

20. Humidified
Link: Humidified

21. Love the Mines
Link: The Mines

22. I'm in a Bad Move
Link: Bad Move

23. Don't Give Me An Alter Matem [This one came in from a reader days before the deadline and I did not have time to blog about it but it was so ignorant, I had to include it on the list]

24. Adjourning Rooms
Link: Hotel Rooms

25. Steal My Limeline
Link: The Limeline

A big "THANK YOU" to all my readers and all those who sent in texts, emails, Facebook posts, tweets, letters, etc. Ignorantics is growing and I hope that you all stay with us for many years to come!  Happy New Year!

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