Sunday, October 28, 2012

"I Might Coulda Got..." a few days ago, I was in the line waiting to purchase my items at the grocery store...a few feet from the Customer Service booth. Suddenly, and without provocation I was verbally assaulted by an Senior Citizen Ignorantic. That's right a SCI.

SCIs are the worst ignorantics because they are seasoned. Almost like collard greens that have been cooking on the stove for hours in their juices...seasoned all the way down to the ham hocks. Well, anyway, this assault on my ears and the English language was a phrase that I have been hearing for years. I don't know its origin, I don't know why older folks still say it, but it gives me the worst headache ever.

"I might coulda got". You've heard it, right? It has been around longer than "pacific". It is one of the staples of Ignorantics and it must be stopped. How can you "coulda got"? and then adding "might" to it as if you may change your mind? I won't bother going into how she used it in a sentence because that would just be too cruel. Let's just say for now...when we hear it, let the person know that it is ignorant and that they should never say it again. No one "might coulda got" anything...I am so serious...

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