Friday, April 12, 2013

Traci Braxton and her "Albino Sisters"???

Last night, on the Braxton Family Values, Traci Braxton was featured as the celebrity spokesperson for the National Race to End Women's Cancer. While giving her speech, she referenced her African American sisters, then she proceeded to call her Caucasian sisters her "albino sisters". Albino Sisters??? Really Traci??? Not only is that wrong, but it is just ignorant! And as my good friend, Harold Fisher from WHUR-FM says, the comment was "woefully inappropriate".

Traci, I also heard other ignorantics during the episode, but that one was the most egregiousness.  C'mon are on a hit TV better. 

Link to Video:

Sidenote: On the next episode, I heard that Traci is considering purchasing a gun. So, let me end this on a positive note by saying: You look good girl!!!! #DontHurtMeItsMyJob #ImFromMarylandToo