Wednesday, October 29, 2014

That Day of Reckoning Has Finally Come!

Let me begin by reluctantly acknowledging that my mom is an Ignorantic.

Yesterday, when telling her that Stevie Wonder was expecting triplets with his 25-year old fiancee, she replied "I wonder if she was taking any utility drugs". So, I repeated the statement (an exercise I do often with Ignorantics), and she immediately corrected her statement arguing that the meds she's taking for insomnia were to blame. Though it is true that multiple births are a lot of work, I failed to see the utility is the use of the term in this example. BTW, have I ever mentioned that denial is the first stage of Ignoranticism?#IfYouSaySoMommy #SideEye

*music playing* Today, I join an elite group of Ignorantics readers who turn their mothers in to Ignorantics regularly.

If you have any desire to read the article on Stevie Wonder, here it is:

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