Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I Guess Ignorantics Aren't Afraid of GOD...

So, a few days ago, I received a text message that a friend of mine was in the ICU. The message was rather cryptic, and it was from an unknown number. So, I called the hospital and they confirmed that my friend is in ICU but they could not give me any details over the phone.

The next day, I went to the hospital to see my friend. When I got there, and before I got to her room, I was told that her sister sent a mass text from her phone (a new number) to everyone on her contacts list to come and see her in the ICU. I was also informed that she was brain dead. I prepared myself for the worse, put on the protective gear and mask, and then I entered her room. There were several people in her room. Most of the people were praying. None of her friends are willing to accept what doctors were saying was the inevitable. So, we joined hands and prayed. Her body began to twitch a little. We all started rejoicing! That was a sign! Joy filled the room, and then...ignorantics stepped in. At a time when ignorantics are not welcome; when folks are joyful yet sad, experience has taught me that is an open door for ignorantics...

So, one of her friends continues to pray and rub her leg. She states [and I quote] "_____, you got to slow down gurl. God is trying to send you a message. His ASS wants you to take your medicine and listen to your doctors". Instantly, a collective gasp could be heard in the room, and in the back of my mind I could hear the sound of screeching brakes. Suddenly, my friend's eyes opened WIDE as if to say, "Did this heffa just say 'his ass'?" "Aw, hayle NO!" Then, my friend closed her eyes. That is when the ignorantic fervent prayer began to get happy.  She exclaimed "She heard me! She heard me!" One of the ladies in the room mumbled under her breathe "Yeah, and GOD heard you too.." *eye roll*

Within minutes, folks immediately began filing out of the room in droves as if to say, "you ain't gonna have GOD mad at me 'cause you are ignorant!" Is it too much to ask that we not be profane in our prayers?


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