Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jasmine Tolliver...You Are An Ignorantic!

Jasmine Tolliver aka Jasmine Nubia [Jasmine Nubia's Facebook Page] recently started a petition on to "COMB HER HAIR".  The reference was made to Blue Ivy Carter, the toddler of Jay-Z and Beyonce. Now, let me briefly share with you why I am featuring this woman on my blog. She get's the Ignorantic spotlight today because, even in jest, to start a petition to tell two mega celebrities to comb their child's natural hair because, in your opinion, it is unkempt, is not only ridiculous and silly, but it is done in complete disregard for the true meaning of a petition. Now, I don't blame her solely. I also blame for taking a great forum for social advocacy and making it into a complete mockery.

Perhaps I need to start a petition to LEAVE BLUE IVY ALONE. Do you see how ridiculous this is? How incredibly ignorant it is? I am a natural sista, and I love my natural hair, but ignorance like this, even in jest, makes the natural hair revolution look small and silly. Petitions are for issues like human rights violations and civil rights violations, not unkempt hair.

Here is the story on this ignorant petition: The Petition to COMB BLUE IVY'S HAIR

And Jasmine...from one natural sista to another, on this petition, you GOT IT TWISTED!

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