Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Proud Parents vs. Proud Ignorantic Parents

Every parent has a great sense of pride when their child reaches milestones and makes significant achievements. The bumper sticker to the left is one that we all have seen in many forms on a proud parents' bumper. It is the "I'm the proud parent of an honor roll student bumper sticker.

Well, not to be undone...enter the Ignorantic parent who is also full of pride and joy at her son's accomplishments except this time it is not for scholastic achievement, it is for being voted the "Prisoner of the Month"! ...and heck, who needs a bumper sticker when you can just go to the Dollar Store and get those peel and stick letters that can spell out anything you want! No sentence is too short or too long...or should I say no paragraph, as in this and distractibility is not a problem! Congrats #45678908875! You made your Momma much so that she defaced her car for you!

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