Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hennyous Crimes Should be Punishable By Deaf!

Unfortunately, crime is no stranger to the daily news. Every day we hear about brutal crimes that are truly senseless.

This next Ignorantic is fed up with the crime. He is tired of turning on the daily news and hearing about these senseless acts of violence. The recent case of the man who committed cannibalistic acts towards a homeless man in Florida really got him ticked. He texted his cousin and began his typo rant: "...all these hennyous crimes make no sense, I think these criminals who commit hennyous crimes should be punishable by deaf!

Really? I think you were drinking some Henny when you texted this message? and furthermore, do they really have to lose their hearing because they committed these "hennyous" crimes? Isn't that cruel and "unuseful"..oops, I mean unusual?

Carry on...

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