Thursday, July 26, 2012

Idris Elba has a NEW NAME!

Today, I was shopping in the Rite-Aid and I overheard a humorous discussion between a man and his girlfriend. While in the ethnic hair section of the store, the man suddenly proclaimed " You know Baby, several people have told me lately that I look just like 'Interest Elba'"!

Interest Elba? Really? Well, after the girlfriend finished rolling her eyes and snickering at the obviously misplaced compliment [I won't bother describing him because other than the height and complexion, he looked nothing like Idris Elba], she asked him "You look like who?" He said "Interest Elba...Interest Elba from The Wire"! She snickered again and said "You mean, Idris Elba and you don't look like Idris or Interest!"

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