Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fantasia Can't When For Losing!

Fantasia posted this on her Facebook Fan page to promote her new single, "Lose to Win". 


  1. Wow. You know, in all fairness to Fantasia, I do this on occasion as well. Sometimes when I'm typing one thought, another pops into my head, and the two kind of just get combined. Doesn't mean that I'm an ignorantic, just means a typo, for whatever reason. But, I generally do do a spell check. But sometime they slip through.

  2. True, but the difference between WHEN and WIN is not a typo or an autocorrect issue. We all make mistakes, including yours truly (read my disclaimer top right), but when we are marketing our products, we should take extra care to make sure everything is correct. I still remain one of Fantasia's diehard fans...