Thursday, December 6, 2012

Y'all Gonna Respect Me in My House!...Stop That Righteous Ignant Nation!

One of my readers just sent me an Ignorantic story about her Grandma. She said Grandma is from South Central and is "hood" to the core! She said she loves her Grandma, but she'll pull a gun out on you in a minute if you disrespect her (this is not her Grandma in the pic to the left BTW).

Anyway, she said that she just came from Grandma's house and it was full of Grandma's grandkids...just running all over the place. Grandma got mad, pulled out her piece and said "Now you @#$#%&* gonna respect my house, ya hear? Stop all this righteous ignant nation!!!"

Did Grandma just say righteous ignant nation? Sorry Grandma, you are going in the Senior Citizen Ignorantics Hall of Shame for this one! Although the grand kids were tearing up the club in her house, it was hardly to the point of righteous indignation! Grandma must have been a Panther back in the day though! LOL!

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