Monday, December 31, 2012

The Top 25 Ignorantics of 2012 - Part 1

With all the Ignorantics taking place in 2012, it was impossible to only pick the top ten. Ignorantic readers have been nominating their favorites via text, email, FB posts, and tweets while trying to get in some new ones before the deadline.

This year we had the same Ignorantic celebrities from all the reality shows, our resident Ignorantic celebrity philosopher, Tyrese, and towards the end of the year, an ignorantic FB post went out to fans from Fantasia.

In 2012, YouTube was bombarded with ignorantic videos. Some of the videos made us laugh, and others were so bad, they made us cry. At the end of the year, two videos went viral that were promos for upcoming shows in 2013: All My Babies' Mamas and Best Funeral Ever.

All My Babies' Mamas on Oxygen (this video is so ignorant, YouTube keeps taking down the video)

Best Funeral Ever on TLC
these two shows were so bad that by the end of the year, there was a petition circulating to have one of the shows cancelled...but the fun didn't stop with these ignorantic shows. We had ignorantics signs, speech, tweets, FB posts, fashion, and who could forget these two ignorantic grandmothers and their antics just minutes after the birth of their grandchild:

Did she say "Call 911"? Lawd, she was already in the hospital! The grandmother who slapped her had just finished laying hands on the mother's stomach and praying for the baby! Ignorantics at its best! Now, I could not let the year go out without giving a special shout out to one of my favorite reality shows that is not necessarily ignorantic, but the ignorantic people that frequent the pawn shop...well, that's a different story:

Travaski Crystal?? Really??

One of my favorite shows to watch is BET's Sunday Best. However, this year, one of the contestants, Pastor Michael Lampkin, while auditioning could not say the word "faith". That "th" pronunciation is something we cover quite frequently on Ignorantics, but here it is:

but wait...he can SANG!!!!

Also, we had our favorite Ignorantic eCards. Here are some of our favorites:

We also loved those Ignorantics Posters on Facebook:
I told you there was more material than we expected. Please go to Part 2 for more 2012 Ignorantics and the Top 25 List of Ignorantics for 2012.

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